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For the first time ever, 5th edition of SHAG-A-BAL is in Zagreb!!!
24rth – 26th January 2019. Perfect date. New Year will be long gone from our memory and the spring is yet far to come. Long cold winter is still biting our bones. It’s the right time to warm up our feet with lot of sweat and fun (no blood and tears, we promise).
2 days of workshops, 2 levels, 3 nights of partying with live bands, tons of hours of new and old stuff to improve.

Altough we grew a bit, we still want to stay small festival with affordable prices and cosy home atmosphere.



All tasters, workshops (for one track) and parties. All additional content is included in FULL PASS

Balboa and Shag track will collide for level of your choice so it is not possible to take both styles.

Check LEVELS for more info



All parties on this festival.

This includes all activities on the parties – tasters, showcases and games.

There is also option to buy individual pass on the entrance:



Andreas Olsson & Moe Sakan

Martí Gasool & Sandy Lewis







Considering good values that swing communities have all around the world you will pick your level by yourself. Please refer to the following guidelines while choosing your level.


You have knowledge of basic steps, basic rhythm and some figures. Probably you have attended a beginner’s course and/or workshop. With this, you are ready to participate in dance style you like (and have been familiar with). 
On this level, teachers will pursue further development of your dance with more figures, steps and some interesting moves.

This level is easy going, and comfortable for all less experienced dancers.


This level is for all dancers ready for challenges. You have danced for a while (1 or 2 years) and have attended workshops and advanced classes. On this level, teachers will introduce not so easy elements like complicated moves, rhythm variations, tricks and other advanced elements.

This level is without mercy but still within bounds of comfortable learning and experience.

Please bear in mind that maybe your experience is something that you cannot always evaluate by yourself so be an honest dancer and ask your teacher or a dance fellow on which level you should participate. In that way, you will have an objective view and be able to participate in classes with minimum stress for yourself and your dance partners.



Almost there

Here we go, we are so excited to heat atmosphere in the heart of Zagreb on a „Just a warmup party“! Friday’s location has the best view on the main square as you have already seen if you have been on previous instances of this festival. This is a club…

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News, news, news

Hi guys. There are lots of fun and some not so fun (logistical) stuff we want to convey to you. So in this regard, we will keep you posted about the festival and all the things around it. The first thing that will soon be relayed is small FAQ on…

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ADDRESS: Savska cesta 120

There is a small parking spot in front of the venue. and it is available for you.
Parking in front is FREE.

Also you can find parking spot for free in vicinity (please ask on reception). 


Zagreb Parking can be tricky and expensive if you do not pay attention. The closer you are to the city centre, the more expensive it is. Prices and rules vary so be alert.

Zagreb is booming and with it traffic. Both cars and motorists find it harder to find a place to park.

How to pay a parking ticket in Zagreb?

Payment must be made as soon as the vehicle is parked. You can pay at the street parking meters or by sending a text message.

Paying by Parking Meter

The parking meter accepts only coins 0.50, 1, 2 and 5 HRK, so please have your change ready. Purchase the parking ticket and make sure you display it on your dashboard.

Paying by SMS (only with local numbers)

Text message your licence plate number (no gaps, ex. ZG1234AO) to (+385) 70010X, X being the zone number. Mobile charges apply. Parking is confirmed once you receive a return text message.

NOTE: You can not pay for parking with foreign mobile numbers.

We recommend using Zagreb Underground Garages or buying a local Pre Paid number at any newsstand.

Zagreb Public Street Parking and Zones

Parking in the city is divided into 3 zones with exception of individual categories. If you park in designated street parking, pay attention to the signs.

Parking Zone I., Mobile payment SMS number (+385) 700101

  • Monday-Friday 07:00-22:00
  • Saturday 07:00-15:00
  • Free parking on Sunday.

Price – 12 HRK per hour

You can pay for half an hour at the parking meter or by adding #30 after your licence plate number (no gaps, ex. ZG1234AO#30).

Maximum 2 hours parking

A full day ticket is 100 HRK.

Parking Zone II., Mobile payment SMS number (+385) 700102

  • Monday-Friday 07:00-20:00
  • Saturday 07:00-15:00
  • Free parking on Sunday.

Price – 5 HRK per hour.

Maximum 3 hours parking

A full day ticket is 60 HRK.

Parking Zone III., Mobile payment SMS number (+385) 700103

  • Monday-Friday 07:00-20:00
  • Saturday 07:00-15:00
  • Free parking on Sunday.

Price – 2 HRK per hour.

Unlimited parking

A full day ticket is 20 HRK.

At the venue, there is a small bar that can provide you with hot or cold drinks. Prices of drinks are normal.

The venue does not serve food. You can bring your own food although we will have some snacks for you to have in between classes.

Around the venue, there are few of the restaurants that you can visit during your lunch break and all are in the immediate vicinity.

More info about food places later...

At the venue there is:

There is a separate toilet for ladies and a different one for a man.

Dressing room
You can change your clothes and leave your stuff at the room designated for that. Bear in mind that the dressing room is not under any surveillance so please leave you valuables near to you or at home.

There are two showers that you can use but you need your own towels and washing accessories.


15 tram lines (1-9, 11-15 and 17) run daily from 04:00 to 00:00 (4am to midnight)

4 tram lines (31-34) run nightly from 00:00 to 04:00 (midnight to 4am)

Get all the tram timetables here.
View the day Tram Map here, and the night Tram Map here.