Prices and registration

until 1st of January 2019


75,00 € – registration with a partner***
80,00 € – registration without a partner****

from 2nd of January 2019


85,00 € – registration with a partner***
90,00 € – registration without a partner****


30,00 €

*FULL PASS includes 3 parties, 8 classes, and probably some fruits, cookies and smiles
** PARTY PASS includes 3 parties, and we guess some smiles
*** Partner has to register too, with a different role but the same track and level.
**** We will try to match you with a partner, but there is a chance you will be on a waiting list.


Please read this before filling up the form!

  • Shortly after registering, you will receive e-mail from our team with payment details. Please read that mail carefully!
    If you don’t get the e-mail in 5 days after registration, please contact us on
  • If your chosen role/track/level are not on the list, it means it is (temporary) closed! Come back in a while a check the status.
    All closed and temporary closed spots will be announced here and on our facebook page.
  • AMBASSADOR… If you are a leader of the scene or you have the group of dancers with whom you want to visit this festival we have an offer for you. You and your group can get some special benefits while registering. Please contact us before registering on and find out more details. In your initial mail please state your country and size of the group you would like to lead.
  • There will be no classes for absolute beginners. More info about levels find here.
  • In order to complete your registration you have to accept our Terms and conditions. Feel free to take few minutes and read them.




PARTY PASS is available for the registration!

!!! At the moment, ALL TRACKS are CLOSED for the registration !!!