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Heiko Heckendorn & Larissa Conrad (CH) /shag&balboa/

Heiko and Larissa are the founders of the Basel Jitterbugs. Together they teach weekly classes and workshops in Lindy Hop, Balboa and Collegiate Shag. They love to combine all of these dances based on the tempo and energy of the music and inspired by original swing dancers from Los Angeles like Hal Takier. Their Shag style is smooth, elegant and playful. Their teaching is designed with clear structure and a focus on solid technique. Heiko & Larissa always seek for a good and fun class atmosphere where everybody can find motivating challenges and inspiration.
Besides teaching and social dancing they love to show off in competitions and to spread their passion for swing dancing in shows.

Peter Ayres & Aila Floyd (GB) /shag/

Peter and Aila are known for their smooth, elegant dancing style, and they love exploring the wide range of tones, speeds and moves that Shag enables. Their shared passion for teaching, performing, and DJing for shagsters has seen them travel across the UK and Europe for over 10 years.

Rudolf Wolfsgruber Paillard & Tiphaine Wolfsgruber Paillard (AUT) /balboa/

Rudolf and Tiphaine have joined forces to spread their love for Balboa in 2012. Rudi is known in the swing world for his creative enthusiasm, playful improvisation, and solid technique, and Tiphaine for her elegant flow, smooth connection, and sound quality of movement.
Social dancing has always been a main focus of theirs and you can frequently spot them on various dance floors around the world. They also compete and regularly end up in finals and on the podiums.
Together, they strive to push their limits, perpetually improve, share their passion, and hopefully inspire and infect their students with the Bal bug.

Charming and elegant, funny and merry, friendly and nice, inspiring and brilliant!
[photo credit: Gregor Hofbauer]