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TIME: workshops will be held on Saturday and Sunday (11:00-18:00h, with lunch break)

VENUE: Buena Vista, Savska 120, Zagreb

Heiko & Larissa /shag & balboa/
Peter & Aila /shag/
Rudi & Tiphaine /balboa/

TRACKS: shag and balboa

AMOUNT OF CLASSES per track/level: 8 hours

LEVELS*: EASY and HARD (please scroll down to read more about levels!)



Considering good values that swing communities have all around the world you will pick your level by yourself. Please refer to the following guidelines while choosing your level.


You have knowledge of basic steps, basic rhythm and some figures. Probably you have attended a beginner’s course and/or workshop. With this, you are ready to participate in dance style you like (and have been familiar with).

On this level, teachers will pursue further development of your dance with more figures, steps and some interesting moves.

This level is easy going, and comfortable for all less experienced dancers.


This level is for all dancers ready for challenges. You have danced for a while (1 or 2 years) and have attended workshops and advanced classes. On this level, teachers will introduce not so easy elements like complicated moves, rhythm variations, tricks and other advanced elements.

This level is without mercy but still within bounds of comfortable learning and experience.


Please bear in mind that maybe your experience is something that you cannot always evaluate by yourself so be an honest dancer and ask your teacher or a dance fellow on which level you should participate. In that way, you will have an objective view and be able to participate in classes with minimum stress for yourself and your dance partners.